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New Jersey Online Gambling Bill Has Been Amended by Assembly

The progress of the online gambling bill sponsored by New Jersey’s state senator, Raymond Lesniak, has been approved by the New Jersey House of Assembly.  Lesniak has been the bill’s primary support since the start and he expects that the amended bill will be voted on December 17 by the full assembly.

Originally, when Lesniak first revived the bill in hopes of making New Jersey internet gambling legal, his goal was to have it pass by last March.  However, this was not the case.  Now, the bill is once again on the table. Should it pass the House of Assembly and later the State Senate, it will be handed over to Governor Chris Christie.

It will be interesting to see what happens, as it won’t be easy for Christie to reject the bill as he did back in 2011. Lesniak believes this is New Jersey’s chance to get a leg up over the competition and establish itself in the online gambling industry.